The Legend of Gnarly Berms
Bermandy Beaver was a happy beaver. He enjoyed spending his days floating on the river and basking in the sun. This did not go over well with the rest of the beaver colony. Everyone was constantly bugging Bermandy; there was work to be done. Trees needed to be felled, dams to be built, and food to be gathered. Bermandy set to work, but he hated it and he became miserable. Everyone started calling him ​​​Gnarly Berms. 

Finally one day he got fed up with all the work and the constant nagging, and he headed out on his own. He wanted to find somewhere secluded where he could float on a pond and bathe on the shores and NOT work all day. 

He walked for days and eventually fell asleep on the back of a truck loaded with lumber. He woke the next morning to the truck speeding down a very large highway. When the truck finally slowed down, Bermandy jumped off. He ran and he ran and eventually came upon a wonderful park. It had lush fields, thick forests, and a sparkling tranquil pond. Bermandy was so happy! He could finally relax and enjoy the serenity he had yearned for. He was no longer Gnarly Berms, he was Happy Berms. 

However, this happiness only lasted a few days. Turns out his special quiet new home was a conservation area and on weekends it was filled with people. They were everywhere! They were playing in his fields and walking in his forests and making SO MUCH NOISE! He could feel himself becoming Gnarly again. 

So, when no one was around, Gnarly Berms felled trees, rearranged rocks and dug around tree roots. He decided that if people were going to ruin his peace and quiet, he was going to ruin their play. 

He waited for people to come; anticipating their disgust and hoping they would leave and not return. Eventually, this group of people came along who loved running through his forests. The more obstacles he put out, the more they seemed to enjoy the challenge. This made Bermandy even more Gnarly. These crazy people even named their race after him-the Gnarly Berms! 

So, as you run, be aware of your surroundings, because you never know where Gnarly Berms will suddenly and stealthily pop another obstacle in your path. If you trip or twist your ankle, you can be sure it was Gnarly getting back at you for ruining his peace and quiet.